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Care Instructions

Soaps will last longer when allowed to air dry between uses. Use a well-draining soap dish to prolong the life of the soap. If at all possible, do not store handmade soaps in very moist environments between uses.

Shower steamers can be broken into smaller pieces to use over multiple occasions.  Place the steamer, or a portion thereof, in the corner of the shower, out of the main stream of water. We recommend that you place it on the lip of the tub or in a small dish on the floor to keep it out of the water. Using fingers, sprinkle a bit of water to activate it.

Bath bombs can also be broken into pieces for multiple use. Once tub is filled, drop a fIzzy into the water and enjoy. If the fizzy includes plant parts (petals, leaves or stems), skim the surface of the water before draining the tub to prevent clogged drains. Fizzies can also be put into a net bag/tea bag and hung from the spigot to prevent solid pieces from clogging drains or tub jets.

CAUTION: Bath bombs contain between 45%-50% baking soda, which may clog tub jets or drains.

Lip balms can be applied as needed. Should be stored at room temperature to prevent melting.

Body butter: Remove a nickel-sized amount and rub it in palms of hands before applying to dry skin areas. Wait 5-10 minutes before dressing.

Sugar scrubs: Remove a small amount of scrub from the jar and massage skin thoroughly where exfoliation is desired. Shower as usual.

CAUTION: Do not keep Scrubs in the shower or areas where there is excessive moisture. Although they contain a preservative, the addition of water/steam into the jar could introduce bacteria.  

Beard & Body Oil: Pump 2-3 drops on fingertips and massage into dry skin areas and under the beard. 

Beard Conditioning Butter: Remove a nickel-sized amount and apply to beard hair using fingers like a comb. Brush or comb and style as usual.

Beard Styling Balm: Remove a pea-sized amount and massage thoroughly into beard. Style as usual.

All items should be kept out of the reach of small children and only used by children under adult supervision.